If you want to hear the music…

…no problem! There are sound samples from 8 of my 9 releases at www.cdbaby.com/all/stikmstr (Sorry- the DVD doesn’t have sound samples but you can find video clips both here and on YouTube). You’ll also find various sound samples at my other website- www.ChapmanStickMusic.com And, if that isn’t enough, you’ll find even more both at- www.myspace.com/MichaelKollwitz or at- www.sonicbids.com/MichaelKollwitzTheChapmanStick Hope you enjoy them and be sure to come back this way. Aloha!

One thought on “If you want to hear the music…

  1. Traktor's Chapman Stick comment

    Hi, Michael Kollwitz,

    What a nice-looking blog, and this is really some great Chapman Stick music. As you know, I’m partial to the Megatar, but I still appreciate a job very well done on The Stick.

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