2 thoughts on “Cover of the new CD “Snap Shots”

  1. maui60rules@gmail.com

    Said it before, I’ll say it again…your music is SO beautiful, so relaxing, that as I sit here in my home, in Southern California, I am transported immediately to our second home…Maui…just listening to your music. So so beautiful. Anybody who is NOT listening to your music, is missing out!

  2. Donna

    I keep “Snap Shots” in my CD player in the car at all times. It is relaxing, but not so much that I fall asleep driving! It is the PERFECT background music for dinner entertaining or in the car. I have 3 different CDs of the Chapman Stick. But “Snap Shots” is my personal favorite 🙂 This kind of music is for all ages, all times. Enjoy !!

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