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  • Hey There! I just wanted to say that what you do is great!! i was wondering, would you ever be performing in old sac ever again, right out there outside of steamers? you probably don’t remember me, back when i first started listening to you, i used to always have my guitar on my back and just sit there listening, and even sometimes jamming with you. well, thanks and take care


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  • Hi. I bought a couple of your CDs when in Hawaii. The name of the Chapman Stick player who was here in Ft. Collins is Bob Culbertson. Just wanted you to know. I enjoy your CDs. Thanks.

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  • It was a distinct pleasure to meet Michael on Maui and get a copy of “Hawaiian Paradise” from the artist himself! It is a beautiful collection of songs recorded in amazing fidelity that capture the beauty of Maui, the laid back bustle of Lahaina and everythng wonderful about Hawaii.

  • I also picked up a signed copy of the Hawaiian Paradise album while in Lahaina. Michael and his wife had a display booth set up at the Banyon Tree and the music being generated by Michael and his Chapman Stick really got my attention. The Hawaiian Paradise album has a wonderful mix of relaxing music that is perfect for unwinding after a busy day at work. I’ve also put the entire album on my iPhone. 🙂

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  • Truly awesome, Michael. I was tickled to see someone I had just met featured on the cover and in a wonderful article. I hope I get to hear you play many more times. Welcome to Maui, Bruddah.