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  • Hey There! I just wanted to say that what you do is great!! i was wondering, would you ever be performing in old sac ever again, right out there outside of steamers? you probably don’t remember me, back when i first started listening to you, i used to always have my guitar on my back and just sit there listening, and even sometimes jamming with you. well, thanks and take care


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  • Hi. I bought a couple of your CDs when in Hawaii. The name of the Chapman Stick player who was here in Ft. Collins is Bob Culbertson. Just wanted you to know. I enjoy your CDs. Thanks.

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  • It was a distinct pleasure to meet Michael on Maui and get a copy of “Hawaiian Paradise” from the artist himself! It is a beautiful collection of songs recorded in amazing fidelity that capture the beauty of Maui, the laid back bustle of Lahaina and everythng wonderful about Hawaii.

  • I also picked up a signed copy of the Hawaiian Paradise album while in Lahaina. Michael and his wife had a display booth set up at the Banyon Tree and the music being generated by Michael and his Chapman Stick really got my attention. The Hawaiian Paradise album has a wonderful mix of relaxing music that is perfect for unwinding after a busy day at work. I’ve also put the entire album on my iPhone. 🙂

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  • I heard you play 3 times in 2007 starting with Maui County Fair venue; I am looking forward to more in Sept & Oct 08. Did you ever meet Courtney Branch? He is an amature musician, lives in the same complex you do. Great website! I look forward to adding your Hawaiian album to the two I already have. K

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  • Hi, Michael
    I see your on TV!!
    You know with Helloworld you can broadcast live from your own studio or selling you tapes at the swap meet
    on sats.
    Keep up the good music…e-mail me what you think..plz?
    Aloha Eric