Michael Kollwitz is a speaker and artist with a unique expertise: he combines creative principles with his corporate sales experience to teach audiences how to become “Problem-Solving Artists.”

Michael has a twenty-year history in corporate sales and twenty years as an award-winning recording musician, creating great success with a rare American instrument called the Chapman Stick®. These life experiences give Michael a distinctive and illuminating perspective on how anyone – teams and individuals – can tap into their inner creativity to become problem-solving artists.

Everyone is creative, but only some know how to find and use it. Most people need simple, sometimes counterintuitive practices to think beyond the linear and solve complex challenges with innovative, new solutions. Michael will equip your teams with these tools; best of all, he will illustrate them using a unique and remarkable instrument: the Chapman Stick.

The Chapman Stick itself is a wonder in creative problem-solving. In the early ’70s, Emmett Chapman, a guitarist and bass player, wanted to play both simultaneously, which was nearly impossible. Or was it? Chapman decided to employ ideas beyond basic guitar and bass design to combine the two into an innovative and revolutionary new stringed instrument. Of course, to play The Stick, one must use both hands in much the same way as a pianist does- which requires a new mindset. And isn’t this precisely what so many teams need: a new mindset for creativity?

That is exactly what Michael Kollwitz will teach your people, and they’ll LOVE the experience of musical illustrations using The Stick as an example of creative problem-solving.