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  • I surfed to your site and let some friends listen to your music and watch the video. Very nice. It was disappointingly chopped up on TV and so good to watch an entire song performed. I’m very happy to see that 2006 is “happening” for you. Best of everything my friend. I’m very proud to know you. Dave

  • My wife and I have known Michael for approx. 5 years and have every CD he has produced, and I’m here to say that once you hear the music he makes you will want all of the Cd’s also.

    Al and Mary Lou Mosier

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  • I have known Michael for about 5 years now and from the very first time I heard him play the Stick I knew he was talented and different beyond any musician I had ever heard.
    I have all of his CD’s to date and love the sounds that Michael brings out of the Chapman Stick.

  • I have known Michael for many years and he is not only a great musician, but he has integrity to go with it.
    He is always a pleasure to work with and a welcome addition to my video library.

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  • Michael’s music takes me to a place of imaginations beauty. It reminds me of how the kings would call for a musician to sooth their soul. If there were musical angels on earth, Michael would be among the best. No matter the style of music you may prefer, Michael has mastered them all. Enjoy! Tthank you Michael for sharing your talent and if only for a moment soothing my soul.