I heard some people saying that common sense is not so common these days, and I wondered if that was true. It made me think that sometimes, all we need to do is calm down and do the right thing. I would call this ‘calming sense.’

The other day, my wife and I used the wrong key in my car. It’s one of those fancy keys with a chip, and if you use the wrong key, it gets stuck. It’s like a stolen credit card – it doesn’t come out. This happens at the worst possible time, right before a big project or trip. But my wife said, “Honey, you’re so calm about this.”

I assessed the situation and came up with a solution that worked. I realized that blowing it out of proportion and saying things I’d regret wouldn’t solve anything. It was better to take a few deep breaths and remain calm. I even thought to myself, How big is this problem anyway? It turned out to be a small problem that I could solve with ease.

Using a ‘”calming sense” is a great way to solve problems. It helps you keep a clear head and find a solution that works. And that is real common sense. It’s not that uncommon, after all.