For over 20 years, audio recording has been an integral part of my life. Until I began recording the audiobook of “Stick With It,” I had never thought much about “noise floors.”

A noise floor refers to the acceptable background noise level in a recording. If it is too high, it can be distracting and make it hard to discern what someone is saying.

In a typical audio recording studio, there is little or no noise floor. However, live recordings such as concerts have a high noise floor due to the audience’s cheering and applause.

As I contemplated the concept of noise floors, I realized that we constantly battle it daily. With the constant barrage of information, beeping phones, notifications, social media, and the latest news, it’s difficult to find a moment of peace and quiet.

What’s your personal noise floor like? Are you continually trying to block out the noise around you or taking time to contemplate your next move? Is the noise in your head so loud that you can’t hear yourself think?

Think about the last time you tried to complete an important project and had to deal with multiple distractions. In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to focus on a single task because of the constant interruptions.

One of the essential skills we need to develop these days is focus. If we’re scattered in various directions, thinking about ten different things at once, it’s almost impossible to get anything done.

Reducing your personal noise floor is crucial, and focusing on one thing at a time can help you achieve it.